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Q. What should a good psychic reading include?

A. A good psychic reading will encourage you to develop new perspectives on your own life. Some of the reading should clarify what you already know about people and the situations around you. New ways of dealing with situations and people will become become apparent as time progresses.


Q. What are the time frames for future predictions?

A. Psychic readings usually does not predict events more than 3 to 6 months ahead. Free will makes it difficult to predict too far into the future.


Q. What to expect from messages from loved ones in the world of spirit?

A. Your loved ones are the same people they were when they passed, with no worries and no pain. Any communication from loved ones' in spirit are usually filled with love for those that are still on this earthly plane. Any communication from those who have passed may simply just involve letting you know that everything is ok.


Q. What if the psychic reading mentions specific situations that are not pleasant?

A. Simply be aware that the information received during a psychic reading is useful information that will help you to avoid negative situations in the future. In some cases you can action changes in yourself that will alter outcome of a negative situation for event for the better.


Q. What meaning do signs or symbols have with respect to a psychic reading?

A. The information that is given in the reading is often given as signs/symbols or half answers. The meaning of these symbols or half answers may become clearer as the reading continues. On some occasions, you may not understand the meaning of what was given during psychic reading until days later and then it becomes crystal clear. With regard to symbols & signs, you have spirit guides to assist with their interpretation, so you are never alone.

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